Octagon (full video) + Interview

This past January during the Bright tradeshow in Berlin, a film by a new brand called Öctagon was premiered. Since then, the film has made its rounds around Europe and elsewhere with various other showings. On the eve of its online premiere I attempted to learn more about the film and the brand so I emailed the people behind it. What I received back was a strange response from an Öctagon system bot. Feel free to examine the responses below… –Will Harmon

All photos by Maxime Verret

What is Öctagon?
< /__The Öctagon system is totalitarian and omniscient. Billions of bits of data are generated by this independent system that builds a unique reality. Individuals live within the </ Öctagon >. Geographic space doesn’t exist for real, it is not tangible but still defined by a multitude of data.” >


Valentin Bauer, Tokyo.

Who are the team riders and how were they chosen?
The team riders are Edouard Depaz, Valentin Bauer, Bram De Cleen, Joseph Biais, Yeelen Moens and Rémy Taveira. They all evolve within the vertical horizon and have been chosen through a complex data calculation emanating from the ‘’ Öctagon system’’.

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Bram De Cleen, grind up – alley-oop nollie out, Tokyo.

The video has its own unique look. I heard someone say: “It’s like the Matrix and skateboarding together.” What was the inspiration for the art direction of the video?
< / The inspiration comes from the rejection of the daily and usual tasks that obedient individuals are obliged to repeat everyday. This is also the result of an interpretation of a frightening and menacing future where human beings will be reduced to the status of automatons.’’ ]

Also, who is in charge of the art direction of the brand?
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_’’ Nicolas Decatoire is the Öctagon system’s architect. He is at the origin of the first code line ever that defined the system ; ’’


Joseph Biais filmed by Joaquim Bayle, Tokyo.

Can you elaborate on the locations chosen to film for the video? Why did you choose them?
< /__ Only Japan and Europe have been programed by the system yet. It is reported that cities such as Tokyo, Paris, London, Helsinki and Lisbon hold a high concentration of data coming from the ‘’_system_ ‘’.
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Edouard Depaz, 50-50, Helsinki.

What is Öctagon’s relation with Carhartt?
< /__Carhartt financially supported us to decode the flaws of the system. Carhartt’s delegates Bram De Cleen and Joseph Biais were at the origin of the collective consciousness breaking with the </ Öctagon > supremacy.
’’ ]


Octagon crew in Tokyo.

Were the founders aware that there was UK wheel company named Octagon in the late-nineties/ early 2000s? Does this even matter?
__< The architect of the Öctagon >_was truly not aware of the previous UK wheel company. The system is not programmed to check the past but to build the future’s unique reality.]


Valentin Bauer, Tokyo.

Will we see any Öctagon products soon? If so, what will they be?
< /__Öctagon is currently developing bolts and clothing lines. *]

What’s next for the brand? Another video offering?

The aim is to create connexions with new recruits who are capable of uploading their own skills.
Many code lines haven’t been decrypted yet meaning that new audio-visual contents are on their way. Loading in progress…


Valentin Bauer, ollie, Tokyo.


Tokyo at night.