Back to Värnhem 2015 Recap

Back to Värnhem 2015 went off in Malmö on May 29-30. Riders from throughout Europe and Scandinavia converged on the recently updated classic Malmö spot Värnhemstorget for two days of ledge destruction:

The comp was held for the second year running at the ‘real’ street spot Värnhemstorget, hosted by Skate Malmö in collaboration with Streetlab, supported by Nike SB.

The City of Malmö has a long history of supporting skating and last year they pushed beyond the parks and into the streets, introducing granite benches and hubbas to the classic spot Värnhemstorget. With support from Nike SB and Streetlab they held the first edition of Back to Värnhem to show that skateboarding belongs in the streets. This year the setup was updated with two new ledges and metal kickers. Riders came from all over Europe for the session.

In the end, who turned up matters more than who did what: The Nike boys showed. The SOUR boys showed. Desert Crew were there. The young guns from Bryggeriets Gymnasium were there, with Tormod Tønessen standing out in both quarters and best-trick. People from all over Scandinavia were there. LuyPa Sin was there. Ben Powell hosted.

In the end, winners were picked and trophies handed out. More importantly, the skaters had a good session and everyone saw got to see amazing skateboarding.  -Gustav Edén



1. John Romo

2. Nisse Ingemarsson

3. Abbe Nyberg

4. Joel Svärd

5. Everyone else


Best Trick:

Amandus Mortensen – bs powerslide front 270 shove up the hubba


Special Dedication Award:

LuyPa Sin

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