Converse One Star Tour: Bordeaux and Paris

From Madrid we boarded our comedy rock star ‘tour van’ and took in
some epic scenery en route to Bordeaux.


We hit the streets of Bordeux to see Mike Anderson’s board getting a
lil airtime whilst he hippy jumps overhead.


Tom and Jake.


Signing for Riot skate shop, Bordeaux.


The Bordeaux demo took place at ‘Darwin’, a rad little zone with both
indoor and outdoor options, Raemers hit the vert ramp with this
frontside invert…


…And Tom Remillard followed up with a stalefish.


Jake Johnson varial heelflip.


Raemers kicked off the session at Darwin’s outdoor DIY section with a
window frame pivot fakie.


Darwin crowd.


Tom Remillard, backside lipslide across the sausage.


Louie Lopez blasts a backside ollie over the tight sausage hip.


Raemers doesn’t need mushrooms to get high, frontside wallride.


Tom Remillard, switch channel charge.


From Bordeaux we travelled to France’s capital; Paris. A visit to Le
Dome is almost mandatory; Sean Pablo, backside smith grind.


Signing at Nozbone, Paris.


The Paris demo was at Republic, a hassle free area of perfect
flatground right in the middle of Paris. These loungers double as
great moveable skate spots; Tom Remillard frontside 360 from the
little kicker, over the back.


Mike Anderson, switch frontside bluntslide.


Remy joined the tour, and ollied the length of the wooden ledge to
celebrate, initiation complete!

Next stop Ben-G in Amsterdam this Sunday! Full schedule of the European leg of the Converse One Star World Tour HERE.