Converse One Star Tour: Germany

For the final leg of the Converse #onestarworldtour we entered Germany.
Signing at Pivot Cologne…
…Which quickly developed into a ‘push on’ 50-50 contest, Sage going for gold.
Mike Anderson hip flip at the Cologne demo. At this one everyone was just getting warmed up when torrential rain hit us.
Eli Reed decided to carry on anyway; switch 360 flip.
After another 10 hours on the bus, we finally hit the streets of Berlin, where David Stenstrom performed frontside ollies out of the ‘vertrock’.
A quick visit to Civilist.
Brophy was in town on a Fourstar trip, but managed to join us for the demo. 360flip the bump to jersey.
Brophy again: Backside tailslide.
Sage, 5050 from flat.
Mike giving it the ol’ barrel jump.
Sean Pablo, backside flip.
Raemers celebrates the end!