Emerica France Summer Report

LAS 3 TORRES / BADALONA from sola on Vimeo.

Last summer the French Emerica team (consisting of Etienne Gros, PJ Chapuis and Olivier « boucle » Durou) spent a few days in Badalona, Spain to welcome their latest recruit: Matisse Blanc. Julien Sola was of course about to document the whole thing and managed to put together this rad 2 minute edit as well as shoot the photos you can check out below. Expect a lot more from these boys in the very the near future!

6Matisse Blanc, frontside feeble.

3Etienne Gros, switch flip.

26Olivier “Boucle” Durou, backside 180 nosegrind.

4PJ Chapuis, frontside 50-50.

5Matisse Blanc, backside flip.

8Matisse blanc, frontside wallride.