Eggs Report The Video

Brian Delaney aka @Dutchmaster_Delaney compiled the sickest insta clips from Boston’s Eggs plaza into an edit for Orchard Skateshop. Not many proper plaza scenes left over there, stoked to see that this one is still going strong.

Featuring Gavin Nolan, PJ Ladd, Dana Ericson, Ariel Perl, David Milliken, Dillon Buss, Flatground Matt Gattereau, Brian Reid, Curt Daley, John Wisdom, Andrew “Squeaks” Whittier, Liam Annis, James Nickerson, Emmet Bleiler, Brian Delaney, Zeb Weisman, Devin Woelfel, Will Mazarri, Nickodem Rudzinski, Benny GoldmanĀ and more.