The Josimard Crew’s Mall Grab Video

Thanks to a plethora of amazing spots, talents like JB Gillet or Jérémie Daclin and people like French Fred giving them exposure, Lyon has always had an incredibly influencial skate scene. What it hadn’t had in a while is a proper “homies video” documenting what it’s like to be a part of that scene and that’s exactly what the Josimard Crew have done with Mall Grab. It features everyone from the dude you used to watch in 411s to the local hero you’ll probably never see footage of again and includes enough nonsense to give you a good idea of what goes down between the sessions. Major props to Vincent Jugnet and Nico Wawrzyniak for doing such a great job with the filming and editing.

As it’s often the case with videos made by the crew for the crew, it’s also full of inside jokes and not everyone in it skates like Flo Mirtain so feel free skip to the bits you are the most excited about:

  • 02:14 – Alex Maison
  • 06:30 – Guillaume Colucci
  • 11:28 – Steeve Ramy
  • 16:20 – Jesse Moine
  • 21:14 – Mathieu “Blondin” Christin
  • 25:40 – Friends
  • 30:58 – Oscar Candon
  • 32:00 – Arthur Derrien and JB Gillet
  • 36:05 – Etienne Dumais and Marco Pelletier
  • 39:54 – Remy Faillet, JP Villa and the Blaze crew.
  • 43:02 – Quentin Joly
  • 45:31 – Yassog
  • 47:14 – Mickael Germond
  • 52:07 – Adrien Coillard
  • 56:02 – Flo Mirtain