Hold Tight’s Hard Drives: John Tanner

I met Tanner sometime in 2007 through Morph during the inception of Hold Tight London, although I’d seen him killing the Bus Station in MK on passing visits for years. We quickly hit it off and developed a relationship I can only equate to that of Tom Knox and Jake Harris today. He’s arguably one of the most naturally gifted skateboarders to come out of the British Isles but his eye for aesthetics and form, which I believe to be the ultimate driving force of a good skate video, is what set him apart. For 5 amazing years we worked as a tag team methodically harvesting footage from every interesting spot we could find in London and this edit is kind of bitter sweet as in 2011 he basically vanished from the skate world for one reason or another. Going through my hard drives for this one brought back some amazing memories from our formative years and I can only imagine what we could have done if we’d have carried on for the last 5 years. Anyway’s Tanner if your out there… Just come skate man, London misses ya!

-Henry Edwards-Wood