Olympian Remedy – HTL Summer Supplement 2016

“Skateboarding is fundamentally not a sport but, like anything, you can make it one if you want to. We don’t want to, but to each their own. Just remember where skateboarding came from and be sure the next generation can see there’s more to it then winning a medal.” -Hold Tight Henry

Summer update from the streets of London featuring Shaun Witherup, Chris Oliver, Tommy May, Jake Bidmead, Jin Shimizu, Domas Glatkauskas, Robin Lambert, Tomek Lipiec, Blondey McCoy, Husayn Smart, Nelly Mayelle, PJ Hall, Reuben Dehaan, Jerome Campbell, Zin Vaitiekunas and Jasper King-Harman.

Filmed and Edited by Henry Edwards-Wood

Soundtrack: “U Know” by Blak Twang