The Bombaklats – Nassim Guammaz

Nassim Guammaz – The Bombaklats

“The first time I met Nassim he was probably around 11/12 years old – it was at The Yard in Utrecht. I think there was a little ‘best trick’ in the skatepark below the famous DIY spot with the water gaps and ledges. The ‘best trick’ was down a stair and handrail and before the best trick Rudy Broer came up to me and told me this little kid (Nassim) was going to be the next big thing. I wasn’t sure because you hear people say that a lot, but sure enough he was killing it, doing all the ‘basic’ tricks within a couple tries down the rail and stairs! He was a super hyper kid that was a bit too much for me, haha.
When the ‘best trick’ was over everybody went up to the water gaps and stuff and he was kickflipping the small water gap after a couple tries, if I remember right. After that I was pretty impressed because back then (or still) you don’t see younger kids skating street almost as good as they skate the parks!” – Rob Maatman

Filmed and edited by Sami El Hassani and Jan Maarten “Sneep”


Nassim Guammaz, 50-50 in Rotterdam. Ph. Thomas Wieringa