The Bombaklats – Remco Stolze

Remco Stolze “The Beast” – The Bombaklats

“I have known Remco for ten years now. Imagine a skater with the motivation to try the biggest and definitely most dangerous tricks. But then consider the lack of control one has at the beginning – it can be a scary thing to watch. But somehow Remco always managed to absorb a slam as nobody else can. He kept this ‘Beast’ appearance, but now he is also fucking technical and is totally in control of the board. Name a flat trick or a slappy and he will do it. Throw him on a mini-ramp and he will kill it. Give him a curb and he will end the sesh with a new trick. I think this combination is what’s making Remco the incredible beast he is today.” – Faries Prins

Filmed and Edited by Sami El Hassani and Jan Maarten “Sneep”


Remco Stolze, Frontside smith grind in Tangier. Ph. Hendrik Herzmann