The Bombaklats – Tim Zom

Tim Zom – The Bombaklats

“Ah Zombie, I got so many stories about this ripper! We actually should be glad he’s still alive!
Since the start of 2016 Tim had some bad luck with the worst injuries. He even has a metal plate in his head now! Luckily he is able to skate again and he hasn’t slowed down one bit. I mean can Tim be slowed down!? His new bomba part is one of my favourites of the vid, the hype and energy shows and that’s why I love skating with him: endless hype, creativity and no fear.
Another funny thing about Tim is when he sometimes hears us talk skate nerd shit and would hear a name of your average favourite pro he always butts in with a story about how he’d actually smoked a lot of Johnnys and skated with them. He would also tell something interesting about them. He actually only knows how they skate in real life and not because he has seen their part. Tim actually barely watches skate clips but he will always tell you about the craziest documentaries you have to see.” -Alexander Belhadj (Ali)

Filmed and Edited by Sami El Hassani and Jan Maarten “Sneep”