Bombaklats: Sebastiaan Vijverberg

Bombaklats – Sebastiaan Vijverberg

This early riser needs to get coffee right from the moment he opens his eyes. He puts on his morning slippers and sets out on the street without a clue where to go. But Sieb (Sebastiaan) has a sixth sense for finding coffee, I think. He finds coffee without opening his eyes. As soon as his tongue tastes the black magical liquid his eyes pop out and boom: there he is at 6:30am on the market square in the centre of Fez Morocco. On the Morocco tour Sieb was definitely being a tourist all day. When we were at the spot, Sieb was shopping. Several times we didn’t even know he was gone, but at a certain moment you’d realise he’s wearing a different cap than before. One time Ali (Tamara) even drove us all to the shopping area for Sieb to get a new souvenir. We were all waiting in the van and finally Sieb came back; he’d bought gloves.
– Remco Stolze

Filmed and Edited by Sami El Hassani and Jan Maarten Sneep.