The Beyond Journal

Juho Haapala, the driving force behind Finland’s Beyond Store was kind enough to supply us with a little bit of background information about the video parts:
“Marko “Hakki” Harmaala’s part starts with short interview of young an unknown Arto Saari. This interview was made september 15th 1996 during the last day of the Finnish skateboarding championship. The interviewer asked Arto who skated the best that day and Arto replied without hesitation that “HAKKI” did. That day Arto won under the sixteens and Hakki won open/sponsored. Great day for finnish skateboarding! The next year 1997 Arto won open/sponsored Finnish championships and went straight to central Europe and US… and rest, as we know, is history.

The first part is shared between Mikko “Kivi” Kivikoski and Aleksi Fräki. Kivis has been pretty much best skater in Finland since 1992 when he dropped his first part. Till this day he remains a Finnish skateboarding legend who refuses to slow down. Aleksi Fräki is also from an older generation and he’s had one of the most admired styles since the mid 90’s. Google these names and you get awesome parts!

Olli Ilmonen needs no introduction. He is now sponsored by Nike SB, Cliche, Levi’s Skateboarding, Free Pizza Hardware, Ice Beaver beer! and Beyond.

Ville Keituri is SO GOOD! He’s always smiling on board and skates so effortlessly. He’s sponsored by DC Shoes, Eye Level Clothing, Ice Beaver Beer and Beyond.

Onni Saltevo and Eppu Vatanen are both sponsored by Finnish skateboard company Otos. They are younger generation skaters from Jyvaskyla.

The video was edited by Ville Leppänen and filmed by Pekka Harjula. The soundtrack is by Joni Vanhanen aka WANHA and photos by Samuli Härkönen.”
You can purchase the soundtrack to the video on vinyl from Beyond’s web store or listen to it on spotify here:

First time a skate video’s soundtrack is released on vinyl at the same time as the video?