A message from SKATE NEPAL.

‘SKATE NEPAL is a non-profit organisation based in London, England.
Our aim is to spread awareness for the social, creative and cultural benefits of skateboarding to both the younger and older generations of Nepal.

Skateboarding is still at its infancy in Nepal, unlike its heavy commercial and recreational presence here in the western world.
Pokhara is the home of Nepal’s only skatepark and skate shop outfit. Located in the base town of the Himalayan mountains.

The skatepark was built and entirely funded by Ram C Koirala, who is arguably Nepal’s first skateboarder. Ram has put his whole being into skateboarding because he wholeheartedly believes it is a positive expression for the kids of Nepal. This mutual understanding of the positive nature of skateboarding gave way for the inception of Skate Nepal.

Because of Ram there is a healthy scene of kids skateboarding in Nepal with a growing number as days go by. With the invention of youtube and the ability to watch first class skateboarding at your finger tips, the kids have fresh inspiration on a daily basis which only fuels them with more enthusiasm to push they’re physical, mental and creative sensibilities as well as developing their social skills, to interact and help push each other to learn new things. All this stems from a mutual love for skateboarding. This is testament to the unity that skateboarding can bring and this is what Skate Nepal aims to nurture.

Currently the skatepark takes up a small amount of area in a large space so this particular project aims to extend the park so that the kids have more variety to develop and explore their skills.
Money raised from donations will go towards building materials i.e. concrete & machinery plus skilled labourers. It will also go towards running events, competitions and jams for the local skate scene as well shipping product so that they have better access to skateboarding equipment. ‘