Our friend Pekkaaa’s new video is almost done and like Firetre (that we wouldn’t shut up about earlier this year), it will be entirely filmed in Norway and edited to Norwegian Music. This beauty should also feature pretty much the same crew, with full parts from Magnus Bordewick (that we’ll be releasing on the site), Hermann Stene, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Eirik Ballo and Heitor Da Silva as well as some other bits from Marcus Shaw, Henrik Lund, Jonathan Drab and the rest of their crew.

If you are wondering what the title means, here’s visitoslo.com‘s explanation:
“The reason Oslo wanted a tiger, is the city’s nickname Tigerstaden (“The Tiger City”), which most Norwegians are familiar with. The name was probably first used by Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. His poem “Sidste Sang” from 1870 describes a fight between a horse and a tiger; the tiger representing the dangerous city and the horse the safe countryside.”