Endless Light: Vans in Korea

A small delegation of French Vans ambassadors recently spent some time exploring Korea’s incredibly skate-friendly architecture. The crew was composed of Joseph Biais, Nabil Slimani, Valentin Bauer, Victor Pellegrin and Yeelen Moens (okay he’s Dutch) and the idea was to produce an article (featured in our latest issue) as well as this clip entitled Endless Light. 

Here’s what TM and photographer Loic Benoit had to say about the mission:

“Seoul, beginning of October. A crew of four french skaters plus one Belgian rider went to Korea for ten days in order to discover the hyperactive city of Seoul. Today it is known as «the famous city of new technologies», when only a few decades ago it was still stuck in the middle ages. Such an interesting playground for us!
Beautiful project, successfully lead by our local connections: Quentin Assandri and Jin Yob Kim (The Quiet Leaf). We have been dragged through the middle of super crowded streets with workers and business men who will never really understand what we were doing there. Such a great experience!
Workers vs. players, here in Seoul, where buildings are illuminated day and night: the endless light …”
Directed, filmed & edited by Joaquim Bayle (http://www.joaquimbayle.com/)
Composition & sound design by Life Pass Filer (https://lifepassfilter.com)
Mastering by Pyramide Studio (http://www.pyramide-studio.net)
Narrative by Jin Yob Kim (http://www.thequietleaf.com) & Seung Wook Jee (http://dooonuts.com)
Photography by : Loïc Benoit(www.blog.1sivalavie.com)
 Video directed by @joaquimbayle
Soundtrack by @lifepassfilter
Narratives by @jinyob & @dooonuts 
Photos by @loicbenoitainsivalavie