Sosh Highlight 2017 Edits

Remember the Sosh Highlight contest we were banging on about a few weeks back? Where a skater would pick a filmer and a photographer and had a week in Paris to produce the best possible content on an iPhone? Well here are some of our favorite edits from the event, starting with an incredible La Haine inspired piece from Nassim Guammaz and Sami El Hassani. Again keep in mind all this was filmed on a phone… Obviously these dudes won.


Another sick one but for very different reasons. These guys had Marc-Alexandre Barbier walking around Paris barefoot and in what’s basically a nappy. Skating is pretty rad too. This one was filmed and cut together by yes_sk8.


Oscar Candon’s skating is always a treat but this time it’s Olivier Fanchon’s editing skills that really blew us away. Again it’s insane to think this was all filmed on a phone…

If you’re interested in seeing more of this year’s edits they’re now all available from the Sosh Highlight website.