Frank – Out Of Business – Tommy May

Filmed & edited by Tobbe

Interview with Tommy May and Dallas Rockvam

Free: Can you start off by explaining the title of the video and what’s going on with Frank?
Tommy May: The title of the video is a joke and not a joke at the same time haha. When we were on the trip in Malaga sometime last winter with the Rockvam family, Dallas said that he was going to stop doing Frank and we just thought that it would be nice to make a last video called ‘out of business’. It also could have to do with Dallas’ kicked off joke that no-one seems to understand is a joke, so everyone’s been asking Dallas whether Rob is really the only one left on the team, hahahaha.

Dallas Rockvam: It’s basically what Tommy said ‘a joke and not a joke’. And in all reality I’m not in business anyways; don’t own the name nor have a real company, haha. So it’s just like make graphics and order them and sell shit. I got it set up with a distributor in German town to handle payments and I just make a invoice here and there for profit to do trips and order more shit. We only sell boards (recently Tommy, Eniz and Tobbe made shirts for Finland, so it’s the riders sponsoring the sponsor). And if you only sell boards it’s a pathetic margin. So we make enough to order new shit and do a few trips a year with little to no budget… Somehow we are made to look like a legit skateboard company and when I’m really bored of it I’ll just not make shit and fux off. If I was better at selling myself we could probably sell more. But it’s a joke. I mean I love the guys (Tommy, Rob, Eniz, Sebi, and Tobbe) like we are really friends not just some bullshit ‘cause these guys skate good they’re on the team. It’s ‘cause they’re good humans as well. That’s the only sad part when we go ‘Out Of Business’.

Were you worried about some the boys might abandon ship when things were getting tough? Did they get offers?
TM: I was just in London staying with my family and having to go to the dentists after years of not brushing my teeth properly. Dallas said he was going to stop doing Frank and Chewy the yarco connection helped me out and asked if I could get some boards to skate and those guys helped me out which was niiiiice.

DR: Boys abandoning the none ship. More like a fuxing floaty device – the ones which go around kids’ arms haha. I actually hit up people hoping they could transition to another company. Like I told Bjorn at Sour and then yeah Tommy skates too much so nobody wants him on their team. Myself I was quite happy to quit pretending to be a ‘pro’ skater. I mean Eniz is wearing/skating Happy Hour Skateboards shit sometimes and I am happy he is. Also Tommy wearing Palace shit sometimes and I also don’t care… that’s nice. It’s not something I should say ‘hey come on guys’. Fux that haha

Can you tell us a little bit about Tobbe who films and edits the Frank videos? Dude’s an absolute legend.
TM: Yeee Tobbe is a legend! He’s probably got the best frontside noseslide in Finland. This year I’ve been trying to concentrate on filming his new part.

DR: Tobbe Perkele for life!! He doesn’t understand me half the time and that’s kinda good. I owe him still I think. Maybe I’ve got to give him a bottle or a couple of euros. I always look forward to his footage. True G.

You guys went on a few trips to film this one right? Where did you guys go?
TM: I think the first trip was to Badalona but I was already in Barca living with Winkle at that time so it didn’t really feel like a trip to me for some reason. Then was the family trip in Malaga, which was nice. And after that we went to Mallorca this last winter and that was banging. The only reason we went to Palma is because me and Tobbe decided that we wanted to go to the Blueprint plaza after growing up watching Lost and Found over and over again haha. About a month later Rob, Tobbe and Dallas decided to go back for a second visit and stay with Miguel in his apartment that is pretty much on the plaza. So Dallas and Rob’s parts are the only ones that are mainly filmed on the trips and me and Eniz are just cheating ‘cause we live in Finland close to Tobbe, hahaha.

DR: Yea I think we did a few trips… My whole part is one Badalona and two Mallorca trips – same for Rob and I, also one time in Finland for a week. We’re heading to Holland soon. Let’s see I guess I’ll have to tell the guys it’s really over. Finally! Hahaha. Fuxing dickheads all kicked off.