Toxic City

When we first heard Kyron Davis, Casper Brooker and Korahn Gayle were going on a mission to LA with Will Miles we were definitely a bit like… “Why there?” Obviously it’s not really our place to tell people where they should skate but pretty much every European crew we’ve seen attempt a trip out to Southern California has ended up going from bait spot to bait spot with waaaay too much time spent on the motorway. So how did these guys end up with such a sick edit? What did they do differently? They simply embraced every aspect of it.
Korahn: “We loved being in the van so much that sometimes when we’d get to a skate spot we’d drive around in circles in the car park just so that we could get more van time…” Silly example but it gives you an idea of their approach to the whole trip.
Anyway this unorthodox recipe to success is detailed in our latest issue along with some great photography from Joel Peck (who shot this Kyron wallride) so make sure you pick up a copy in your local skate shop!