Diamond x Dogtown

Here’s a quick look into Diamond Supply Co.’s capsule collection with up with legendary Venice brand Dogtown Skateboards. Head over to Diamond Supply Co. to check out the full range!

Below is a little chat with Nick “Diamond” Tershay on how him and his brand came to work with the iconic Californian brand.


Q: What impact did Dogtown and the Z-Boys have on you growing up?
Nick Tershay: Growing up skating in the late 80’s and 90’s I was a huge Suicidal Tendencies fan and I knew that Mike Muir (lead singer for Suicidal Tendencies) was Jim Muir’s brother (owner of Dogtown), so that affiliation really made me like the band and skate brand that much more. Dogtown was sick; Cardiel, Wade, Karma, JJ Rogers, Dressen, Oster, Aaron Murray and just the whole skate culture in Venice in general. I was super influenced by the whole wall ride, street plant, and jump ramp era, and just something about the guys in Venice. They were not like your average surf-style skaters – they were punk rock, hard, and gangster. Haha.

Q: What’s the legacy you think they’ve left within the skate world?
NT: The legacy that Dogtown has left with the skate world is that they pioneered street skateboarding. Street skating and pool skating all transpired from the Dogtown era that came from surfing. They’re basically the founders of skateboarding as we know it today.

Q: How did the collaboration between Diamond and Dogtown come about? What was your vision for it?
NT: Dogtown relocated their warehouse to San Francisco in the 90’s and during that time I was friends with, and skating a lot with, the dudes on the team. I’ve know Jim Muir, the founder of Dogtown, since back then and I’ve always been interested in doing something with the brand. I’ve always loved their graphics – I still have an OG Dogtown sticker collection! While incorporating Dogtown’s style with Diamond Supply Co, we’ve created a really good mash-up of graphics, and I’m honoured to be able to collaborate with one of the greatest skateboarding brands of all time.