Castle Bolts promo

So last week we got an email from Daryl Angel about a new brand he’s helped start: Castle Bolts. Lucky for us they’ve already got a promo too! It features: Joey Guevara, Danny ‘Dank Tank’ Nguyen, Shaun Baptista, Dillon Constantine and Daryl Angel.

It’s filmed an edited by Miguel Valle.

See below some words about Castle from Daryl.

Daryl Angel, ollie. Photo by Justin Ching

Words by Daryl Angel
“Well let’s see here… Castle Bolts was started on a random rainy day in California. My friend Jon and I were walking down the street and I jokingly said to him ‘We should start a company for fun!’, so we started throwing around names and we landed on the name Castle. There’s no real reason why we decided to call it that, other than the fact that it’s a good word and has some good letters.”

Daryl. Ph. Justin Ching

“I’ve always wanted to make stuff ever since I could remember and Castle is a good way to express my random ideas and designs. With Castle, there isn’t a new drop every season or a time frame on production. I just make a batch of clothing when I feel like it. That makes every piece genuine to who I am as a person and what I feel like creating for fun.”

Joey Guevara, switch ollie. Photo by Wes Tonascia