Simo Makela in SLP’s TURSO

We’ve been huge fans of Helsinki’s SLP crew and Niklas Larsen’s videos for a little while now so when we heard they were finishing up a new one with full parts from Simo and Eniz, we were instantly on their case. We pestered Niklas about it so much that one evening (I think he was pissed) he resorted to telling us he’d sold it to Red Bull just to shut us up. Which left us frantically trying to think of ways to match energy drink money, even though it’s basically impossible.¬†Obviously he was just winding us up (in his words: “I go to work, no need to sell out for some horrible poison”) but it should give you an idea of how badly we wanted this (and how legit these dudes are). Anyway check back next week for a fucked up 7-minute Eniz part.