Shaun Witherup in Familia’s Angola

Edited by Gavin Morgan. Filmed by Andy Morgan. Additional filming by Tom Beever and Ryder Nel.
Guest trick by Justin Biddle

Shaun had an interview in Issue 9, but that was a while back now so we thought it would be good to see what the South African born/London based ripper has to say about his new Familia video part and what else he’s been up to lately.

Interview by Will Harmon

What you been up to mate?
Shaun Witherup: Ey been good man, skating a lot of bowl with the choms, working on motorcycles and generally just living the good life with my cherry.

Over how long of a period was this video?
A fair while; been sitting on the footage for a bit. Familia were going to make a full-length video but then it was decided that it’s going to be just individual parts. This is the last of the parts from Angola.

There’s some South African footage in here, when did you guys go back there? Where did you go?
Yeah, been travelling there a lot recently to hang with friends/family/ exploring with my girlfriend and skate. We did a Familia trip a while ago driving through SA. We hit up the usuals like Cape Town, Johannesburg , Port Elizabeth and Durban. Mostly been staying in Cape Town with Yann, Adam and filming with Ryder. The wildest times are there hanging with those choms and the crew in Cape Town. Too lakkas – thanks for the good times!

What other places did you travel to for this part?
Lyon, Barcelona, London.

Are you still studying Men’s fashion at Uni?
Nah not any more, got a studio in east working on my own things. Also designing garments for a small brand in London, so that’s what been keeping me busy at the moment.

What’s going on with Familia?
Gav is living out in Portugal on his farm. He has been super busy getting that going. (Editor’s note: Last time I spoke to him he was busy installing solar panels.) We’ll see what is going to happen but hopefully things will pick up again when that’s all up and running.

Featured image by Sam Clark