@cultoftom’s Top 3 Tom Penny clips

We got in contact with Will Howe, the man behind the Cult Of Tom instagram page asking him to share some of his favourite lesser-seen Penny gems.He came through with 3 clips of Tom aged 17 that were either left unreleased or only seen in local videos before being uploaded to these obscure corners of the internet.


Flip demo at Firestone ramps in St. Louis, Missouri (1994)
Tom skating vert with no pads doing kickflips at 17. The transfer is insane.


Southside Skatepark demo in Houston, Texas (1994) filmed by @mikeylikee for a local video.
Rare footage of his heelflips over the pyramid. The footage itself is really bad quality, which kind of makes it more appealing. The frontside 360 kf!


Demo at Parkville, Missouri in 1994. Filmed by Jeremy Raab and Ryan Ward for Memorabilia Obscura.
Great skating. The ramps are really sketchy and Tom handles them with ease. The photo of the frontside 360 kickflip is incredible.


Bonus – 5 of the best Penny clips you should already know.

have they been honest with us?

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