Venice Lyon Slappy Challenge 2018

Edit by Hugo Bernatas. Thumbnail image by Max Verret.

As I’m sure you already know, last weekend Jeremie Daclin and his crew once again invited slappy enthusiasts from all over Europe to come and skate their wonderful spot: Venice Lyon.  This year no major alterations were made to the curb itself (appart from even more of it getting waxed up), instead a rather terrifying pole jam was built into the cobbled slope that leads to the river. Now whoever thought of that one is an absolute genius because not only will it be perfect to end lines on but it gave us one hell of a grand finale for the comp. I don’t think many switch front threes have been done out of pole jams and certainly not with rollaways like that one…

As far as the challenges themselves went, again no big changes with the longest slide (this time a 36 metres nollie lip with a mid-slide cannon over a gap ?!) and grind being generously rewarded, but thanks to an increased prize purse from the swoosh, the judges (these legends) were able to hand out cash for even more tricks as well as stuff like their favorite outfit or local hero. Basically anyone that did anything interesting went home with their pockets a little bit fatter (which is a lot of people as you can tell from the list at the bottom of the post).

With this increase in prize money also came the spreading of the event over two days, with a party on the Saturday evening, a celebratory brunch for the opening of Wall Street’s new shop Sunday morning and an instagram contest for whoever felt like skating it again that afternoon. And as if Lyon’s festivities growing bigger and better every year wasn’t enough, it appears that a few lucky shops will be receiving some special Slappy Paint in order for them to create their own ollie-less paradise!

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say that as usual, they nailed it. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year…


Longest slide: Vincent Milou

Longest grind: Theo Moga.

Best trick on the ‘death gap’: Adrien Coillard’s nose slide shuv boardslide.

Best trick on the kicker: Deedz’s blunt to backlip, Heitor’s blunt 270 shuv and whatever sorcery it is that Bastien Marlin did!

Best slam: Simon aka Don Simonelli.

Best outfit: our new favorite skater, Enzo.

Local hero: Vincent Jugnet

Prix du Jury: Mickael Germond

Overall winners:

  1. 1: Deedz
  2. 2: Bastien Marlin
  3. 3: Jarne Verbruggen