Teater Plaza with Marcus Shaw

Teater Plaza starring Marcus Shaw, Magnus Bordewick and Jacob Elveli & Frederik Winsents. Edited and filmed primarily by Jonas Murstam.

Words by Marcus Shaw:

I’ve filmed a lot in Oslo, and with time it gets harder to find spots and think of tricks, etc. We often seemed to end up at The Plaza as it had a pretty good ledge and nice flat. The spot is also literally 200 metres from my apartment and even closer to Jacob’s. So an easy place to meet up.

The day we filmed the nollie bs 180 ss fs crooks line (first clip we filmed) was when we started talking about the idea of doing a full clip there. The spot had so many routes and «spots» that still hadn’t been touched. This meant we had to do some bondo fixes and alot of waxing as only the end of the one granite ledge was waxed. I was sceptical about getting the «stage» ledges to grind but Jonas and Jacob were sure it would work if we skated them enough. Endless packets of candles and half a truck later they were sliding. A week later grinding.

From there on it kind of sparked the plug to do it. We found a metal plate to use as a kicker, grinded in the granite ledges, fixed the cracks by the benches making the spot alot better. This is when Magz and Jacob came to be a part of the filming too, we were all fixing the stuff so naturally they wanted to film stuff there too. They’re two of my best friends and the guys I skate with the most so it made sense for them to join in. As Jonas was working a full-time job we got a VX1000 so we could film each other too. That’s why theres a fair share of rough filming in there, haha.

As for the bust this all worked out suprisingly well. We would get the occasional shout from one of the windows and there was one guy living there who would come out every time we were there and give us shit. Think he just gave up in the end. There was actually someone who wrote on a bedsheet and flagged in out there window once. Saying something about how much it sucked to listen to us skating. Got to give it to him for putting in the work!

We were trying to be on the good side of everyone living and working there. We would try to skate in the day and support the cafes and business at the plaza. We got shit from them a few times as we were skating so close to their customers sitting outside. As the weeks went on I think they realised they were making more money on us than they were losing. The pizza shop guy on the corner was hanging out with us and delivering food on the spot, haha. At the end of the summer they all seemed pretty stoked on the use of the space. All in all it’s been super fun! Thanks to Jonas, Magz and Jacob for putting in the time and everyone else involved!