Sneep: Super Zoom Electronic

Starring the Bombaklats crew. Sneep brings us a new edit Via Place.

Words from Jan Maarten “Sneep”:

My focus was on the change of cameras. After having filmed a number of years with various HD cameras, I went back in time for this project to the VX-1000 from 1995, and the Canon Super Zoom Automatic 1014 from 1973. I didn’t use these cameras in the traditional way but used the technical possibilities of 2018. For example, I recorded the VX images on an SD card instead of tapes, and I filmed with my phone through the viewfinder of the Canon 1014.

This Super 8 camera I had bought at the time for making b-roll shots for The Bombaklats, but after I received a number of failed cassettes, I did not have that much confidence anymore. Partly because of with the VX-1000, where we regularly film with our phones through the viewfinder to watch a clip back, I came up with a new idea. I attached a phone case to the camera so that I could easily film through the viewfinder. Meanwhile, this is Duct tape prototype number 4, and the images are now sharper than ever. When I was filming with this thing, I obviously attracted a lot of attention: everyone wanted to know what I was doing.

This spot, right next to Rotterdam Centraal, is inspired by Dirk Middelkoop in the Boombap video. He does a line there where he comes from behind the pillars and a does big Fs Blunt on the curb. I always thought that was so sick, and Robbin agreed.

We first went together, after we had filmed a good clip on the other side of the train station. While Robbin was checking out the spot, it started to rain a little, but not even fifteen minutes later a huge storm broke loose, the hailstones poured past us, and the streets filled with water in no time. We were happily covered there, but skating was no longer the case. Later it appeared that this storm had caused a lot of damage in Rotterdam.

A few days later we were there with a larger group. I never think of trying a back noseblunt myself, but you can always ask Robbin. After he had figured out what he wanted to do at the beginning, it did not take long before he got the line. Ziggy was there and made this lovely picture! The spot, the trick, and everyone in the background.