My first viewing of Lunch. was accompanied by a feeling of general confusion. Eight minutes into what looked like it was going to be a Polish scene video I was suddenly seeing Oslo with Magnus Bordewick and everyone else we’re used to seeing in Pekka’s edits. Then, about another 10 minutes in, the elusive Luka Pinto pops onto my screen and starts going in on this ledge (despite having been injured for ages). Even Michal Juras, that we assumed had been focusing on Neverwhere for the past few years had tons of footage. And then obviously there’s the fact that throughout this intense 30 minute journey I only recognised about 20% of the spots and that all the other ones looked incredible… Anyway because of all this I felt like I had to ask Krzysztof Godek for a bit of background info about his video. What I got back was equally dense and unpredictable :

Lunch. is the effect of me being addicted to filming skateboarding, and not having any idea what else I could do with my life for the last six years. After my previous full length project Problem? premiered  on the 21/12/2012 (the most probable date of the end of the world), I was very sure that the world was going to collapse so I decided not to make any plans for the future. No plan B, nothing. When I realised that the world was still there I didn’t know what to do next. First decision I took was to move to Oslo, because it’s the opposite of Poland. You earn a lot there for basic jobs so it’s easy to save some money for trips. After a little while I became a part of the local scene there, which at first was a shock for me. First random (for me at the time) skater I met on the street was Hermann Stene:
-“Do you know any nice spots around here?” I asked.
-“Follow me man.” he replied.

Arriving at the spot he did a line with a kickflip down a 9 and bs 360 down a 7 first try before greeting all his friends haha. I was like “okay…” and after that I was joining those dudes at the sessions. Sometimes I filmed a bit but I didn’t want to get in the way of Pekka (the main filmer there) too much. So I started to shoot pictures (I’m filming with a DSLR so had both – film and photo mode). Anyway during those three or four summers I spent in Oslo I was able to put together a northerners section in my video.

The spot from the first part is called “Pomnik Kościuszkowców”. It’s been there since 1985 and been skated since like 90s. It’s in Warsaw on “another side of the river” (Praga). Back in the days it was the rougher, poorer and more dangerous side of the city. Now it’s changed, people have been investing in the area – it’s developing very fast. But the monument itself is kind of forgotten for the most part of the year. There are some government delegations once a year – only on the anniversary. We took advantage of that and last summer built two ledges and a kicker out of marble slabs we found at the place – just like at the Stalin spot in Prague (funny coincidence: the district’s name is Praga). Before that people were also putting up ledges but they’d always get removed after few days. For years there was no main spot in Warsaw until summer 2018. It was amazing, it felt like the good old days when didn’t’t need to call anyone because you’d just know that someone would always be there. I felt like I had to focus on that spot while we have it, so I decided to film the whole section there. It was definitely my home last summer.

Konrad Krużyński aka Spinacz is a young dude from Warsaw who has a short part in the video. First trick we filmed together was two months before the deadline. I thought we’ll film like 2 clips to friends section and that’s it – but this guy straight away told me – I’ll try to film a part during that two months. He was super stoked and motivated – it’s his first part ever. We met almost every day – organised and ready for missions. Piece of paper with spots and tricks that he wants to film written down. Meeting early. No time loosing. Crossing them out like on some KOTR. The ideas that he had were fresh and I really like it.

Michał Juraś, Bartek Górka and Piotr Kiełb have a mixed part together. Everyone represents different style of skating, but all together make delicious mix. Kiełb is creative, Górka is a tech god, and Juraś is faster than speedy gonzales.

The story about the Luka Pinto part is pretty simple. Me and Krzysiek Poskrobko were going on a long  three month campervan trip around Spain and Portugal mostly. Poskrobko has Polish friends who work on Jersey island – he visited them once and met Luka there. Since then they stayed in contact with each other. Luka was complaining that he wanted to go on a trip but had no one to go with, so Krzysiek invited him to come with us. And it was very good move. Luka gave us a lot of energy and freshness. He is a natural talent and it’s always a pleasure to watch him skating. The little part that we made together is probably going to be surprise for him aha. He hasn’t seen it yet. He think we have just few clips.

The final trip for Lunch. was to Sicily. We had a pleasure of meeting the Dolce Vita crew and even film two tricks with the main guy out there: Mauro Caruso. The crew there is so fun and natural but locals were kicking us out from every single spot in Catania. I hope it’s better in other cities.

The last part of my video belongs to Krzysiek Poskrobko: a 37 years old dude who’s been skating for 21 years already. The numbers speak for themselves. Skate adulthood. Since we met in 2010 we were going on most of the trips together. We already made four full video parts together. I also filmed a lot of clips that he has in his Neverwhere part. In my opinion he is the king of Polish scene. He is 37 and still pushing himself, learning new tricks and unfortunately putting the new generations in Poland to shame. I’m super glad to have a chance to make history with this living legend.

I released video on 16GB pendrives. They include an acapella version of the video so you can play your own music to it and still hear the sounds of skating. They are still for sale for 12€ + 4€ shipping.

Film & Edit Krzysztof Godek


Marcin Pawuniak 1:19-1:45
Piotr Kiełb 1:46-2:11
Krzysiek Poskrobko 2:12-2:49
Łukasz Biszuks Szuba 2:50-2:55
Wojtek Rybicki 2:56-3:09
Tomek Kotrych 3:10-3:24
Tomek Goławski 3:25-3:40
Łukasz Jagodziński 3:57-4:26
Karol Dylewski 4:27-4:36
Tomek Ziółkowski 4:37-4:46
Karolek Koolgcrack 4:47-5:13
Jacek Pawłowski 5:14-5:22
Konrad Krużyński 5:23-5:29
Michał Trzeciakowski 5:30-5:36
Michał Przybyłowicz 5:37-5:52
Patryk Głąbień 5:53-6:21
Jarek Ruszczak 6:22-6:31
Bartosz Młodystach 6:32-6:34
Kuba Skurski 6:35-6:41
Mateusz Mieciek 6:42-6:54

Jan Henrik Kongstein 7:35-8:25
Marcin Jakiel 8:26-8:55
Oskar Galewicz 8:56-9:09
Marcus Vik 9:10-9:31
Tobias Broen 9:32-9:39
Eirik Ballo 9:40-9:41
Vi Duc Truong 9:42-9:43
Lars Peder Lervik 9:44-9:45
Hermann Stene 9:46-9:48
Nick Rogachev 9:49-9:56
Gabriel Bjorsvik 9:57-9:59
Dan Stene 10:00-10:14
Henrik Lund 10:15-10:38
Karsten Kleppan 10:39-10:41
Jonatan Drab 10:44-11:07
Michael Sommer 11:08-11:21
Magnus Bordewick 11:22-11:32

Warsaw Skaters
Tomek Kotrych 11:37-11:51
Łukasz Jagodziński 11:52-12:02
Michał Przybyłowicz 12:03-12:22
Andrzej Rogala 12:23-12:36
Łukasz Biszuks Szuba 12:37-12:38
Mateusz Mieciek 12:39-12:44
Szymon Sipowicz 12:45-12:50
Tomek Ziółkowski 12:51-13:08
Jarek Ruszczak 13:09-13:10
Michał Trzeciakowski 13:11-13:12
Mateusz Matczak 13:13-13:15
Tomek Goławski 13:16-13:22
Łukasz Kuza 13:23-13:28
Marcin Pawuniak 13:29-13:45
Krzysiek Jurkowski 13:48-13:52

Konrad Krużyński 14:15-15:48

Piotr Kiełb 16:16-17:12
Michał Juraś 17:13-17:59
Bartek Górka 18:00-18:25

Michał Misiejko 18:49-19:00
Andrzej Pełczyński 19:03-19:47
Kuba Hajzler 19:48-20:09
Filip Płócienniczak 20:10-20:23
Maciej Nowak 20:24-20:27
Tomasz Walkowiak 20:28-20:38
Joao Allen 20:39-20:40
Michał Wons 20:41-20:42
Kamil Bohdankiewicz 20:43-20:45
Bartosz Młodystach 20:46-21:02
Mateusz Kowalski 21:03-21:11
Mauro Caruso 21:12-21:19
Alessandro Ianetti 21:14-21:15
Rafał Modranka 21:20-21:41

Luka Pinto 21:58-23:15

Krzysiek Poskrobko 23:16-?

Trailer – Tyris White – Night Smoke intro
Intro – Rudolf C-Julia
Kościuszkowcy – Luz1e – Ridin / Roland Jones – Trappin dirt mixxx
Oslo – Mall Grab – Liverpool street in the rain
Warsaw Skaters – Roland Jones – Catching niggas sleepin
Spinacz – Dj SS – The lighter
Kiełb/Juraś/Górka – Key Tronics Ensemble – Calypso of house (paradise version)
Mix – Raven ft Jocelyn Brown – So in love
Luka Pinto – Lootpack – Answers
Krzysiek Poskrobko – Mall Grab – Get Impetuous
Outro – Dj Aedidas – Another Day

Animation & Script
Kuba Skurski

Thanks to everyone involved.

Europe 2012-18