Slappy Challenge 2019


Best noseslide combo: Arno Wagner, switch noseslide to backside lipslide
Best flip in or flip out: Bevup (Nathan Ko), nollie heelflip to lipslide
Best slide up: Bastien Marlin, blunt slide flip over a board
Longest boardslide: Bevup + Mika Gazon + Arno Wagner with the help of Guillaume Colucheese
Best rainbow trick: Vincent Milou, 50-50 flip out
Bump to bump best flip trick: Paul Hart, backside heelflip
Longest bump to bump: Mika Gazon x Paul Hart

Overall winners

1st Bevup (Nathan Ko)
2nd Ace Pelka (Slappyredz)
3rd Mika Gazon

Best instagram clip (#SLAPPYCHALLENGE2019):

Uphill slappy session with Colucheese + Ano Wagner + Francois Tizon

Click through the gallery below for some of French Fred’s shots from the event: