Red Alert

‘Red Alert is an indication of readiness. It’s also a video game about threat of Russian invasion. Our Russian boys were definitely ready to do their best on a year long street mission that covered spots of Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. Active research on what ex-Soviet skate spots are all about ended up in this clip. The Eastern Block aesthetics mixed with modern architecture of post-Soviet independent countries became a fertile soil for 90th born skateboard culture. The Red Alert video shows new generation of Russian skaters who are stepping up their game right now and looking for more. Most of these riders were born during the transition from the USSR into modern Russia known as perestroika. The b-roll segments of the clip remind what those times were all about.’

– Kirill Korobkov

Skateboarding by Vans’ Vova Pavlov, Vadim Abramov, Valera Doganadze, Sasha Stamenkovich, Andrey Melnikov, Pasha Tretyakov, Leo Lukin, Jenya Nikolaev, Yura Renov, Dima Shatalov, Roma Ivanov and Alex Krasniy.

Filmed by Sasha Kotov and Dima Sidorov.

Directed by Sasha Kotov and Kirill Korobkov.