Jan Henrik Kongstein: Tante Turid

Today we have a real treat: a full part of Oslo’s Jan Henrik Kongstein by Pekka (Per Christian Løvås)!

‘The nickname “Tante Turid” (Norwegian for Aunt Turid) was coined by Karsten Kleppan while we were on a trip in the US. Jan Henrik was trying this fullcab over a rugged bump-to-bar in Berkeley, and it was a struggle. At first Jan got pissed (as you would expect), but after a while he wasn’t pissed anymore – he was just acting super weird. He almost acted like that crazy weird aunt we all have. It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while Janno sort of leaves, and Tante Turid enters his body, and when she does it’s the weirdest, funniest thing.’ -Pekka

Filmed and edited by Pekka Løvås

Featured photo by Lars Gartå