Lost Art à Nîmes

‘So why Nîmes then?’
For some reason it wasn’t until I’d actually landed on French soil that I decided to ask why this small town in the South of France had been chosen as the location for our Lost Art trip. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I had a bad image of the place, it just seemed a bit of a random one. Well it turns out the city shares the same obsession for crocodile based imagery as Dave Mackey and that its official logo was the inspiration for a whole line of new Lost Art gear. It also turns out the city is full of banging spots, with ledges often made of out that same luscious off-white stone they have everywhere in the centre of Bordeaux (and on the floor at HDV). Not exactly sure what category that stuff falls under (is it granite?) but as demonstrated by Charlie: it fucking goes. Anyway here’s the little edit Ollie Birch made of our two days of skating there, we highly recommend you go check it out for yourself.

Featuring: Charlie Birch, Dave Mackey, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Vaughan Jones and myself (kind of).

Supported by New Balance Numeric and Converse Cons.