Back in July Rodrigo Peterson (who’s pretty much our unofficial Brazilian editor these days) reached out telling us to keep an eye out for a crew from Santo André (São Paulo) called CPTMAFIA. One thing led to another, we ended up releasing CADE O PÃO as well as a bunch of incredible standalone parts from various members the crew, and have been in touch ever since… A few of them even came to visit us in London! Anyway they just sent over their Barcelona trip video and predictably, we loved it. The skating is banging (especially Lucas Marques’ stuff…) and the crew’s energy is palpable (especially for the person who accidentally got a board chucked at them due to ‘mucho emoción’).

This one features Lucas Marques, Bruno Prado, Leonardo Bibiano, Raphael Soares, Akira Utida, Anderson Gomes, Yuri Amaro and Giovanni Franzo as well as some guest tricks from Felipe de Carvalho, Washington Siqueira, Júnior Lisboa, Igor Morozini, Ricardo Lisboa, Rafael Eduardo, Wesley Cardoso, Rafael Reis, Bruno Rocha and Vi Duc Truong.

Thumnail image by Bruno Rocha.