Rios Crew: Viktor Turcsik — Toló 2 Part

I first met the Rios Crew in 2015 at the Vladimir Film Festival in Croatia. They had driven there from Budapest, something like an 8 hour + drive from what I can remember. But it wasn’t their commitment to attending this small film festival in a little fishing village of Croatia that amazed me, it was that they were such this tight knit crew, with no sponsors to speak of, consistently pumping out great edits. Probably only a third of them had shoes specifically made for skateboarding; they explained that it was hard to get products in Budapest as there were no skate shops. Fuck knows how they got boards and whatnot, but I need to add that these guys were certified legends. They were so nice and easygoing. They were certified skate rats but weren’t afraid to unwind with a few drinks or two (or three or seven) after. I had a great time meeting and hanging out with them that week in September 2015.

So fast forward to 2020 and it appears that Vans and Sweet Skateboards have taken notice of the most productive crew in Hungary. I know Magenta has given them some love too. But it’s probably Quartersnacks that shouts the loudest about these guys. And so it was QS that has released their latest video offering. A part from Viktor Turcsik from Tolo 2. Hope you enjoy it.