HELride / Suvilahti / KOFF Race 2020

Photography: Keke Leppälä.

“No permits, no security, shitloads of free beer and good skateboarding. The golden recipe that keeps on giving.”

After cancelling the official event dates from July we hoped for a change of doing something in the end of August to kill the boredom of no one being able to organise anything.

After talking with each other it seemed that everyone was planning to organise their own event around those times. We (Helride Collective) had planned a short version of HELride, Suvilahti Diy crew were planning to do Södervik Mästare (Suvilahti Masters) and Marcus and MFT were planning the Koff downhill race. Learning all this it was pretty obvious to get together and try to organise it all on the same weekend.

So it became:
Friday 8th of August: HELride Day
Sat 29th of August: Södervik Mästare at the Suvilahti Diy Skatepark
30th of August: Koff downhill Race

HELide day 2020


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We kept the marketing as low key as we dared. We mostly relied on word to mouth and only hoped to bring enough people to have a good sesh. As a lot more showed up and as hundreds of people moved through the three spots we had prepared for Friday we were sure to be asked to stop the event by the growing number of cop cars that started showing up. Soon we realized we were the minor threat compared to the Bandidos motorcycle gangs yearly northern scandinavian gathering that was happening on the other side of the area.


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Our sound system was portable and blasting but the microphone died conveniently just as we started on the first spot. Helping hands got us a megaphone which of course ran out of batteries fairly quickly too. Luckily our MC @suomibob did not run out of energy and eventually it looked like none of it mattered anyways. People knew the drill without someone constantly reminding them what was happening. Skate, shout, high five and have a good time.
The energy around the spots and the level of skating was incredible and everything we had hoped for. Thanks to @madarsapse and @jeanpantaleosk8 who made their way to fuel the fire of our local rippers like @weskinen, @pduffplanb (local as you notice), @jaakkoojanen, @saltevonni, @crisvirusb, @j-nor, @brixi.boo. One hell of a year and another HEL of a ride for the books.


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Södervik Mästare vol. 2

Jean Pantaleo, alleyoop stalefish.

This year has been far from normal. No events, no concerts, no movies, no parties… hell, even having a decent skate session has been hard to pull off. With that in mind, a couple of suvilahti diy locals decided to give covid-19 the classic middle finger by pulling off a day to remember. With the help of+1500 assorted beverages we invited all who dared to show up and tear our loved skatepark to bits and let me tell you: ”Give and you shall receive.” Local brands, bands & bros came and wrecked the place up. Shattered bones: check, mind bending NBDs: check, local heroes and out of town legends: check, during the pool session: check. A day that reminded everybody what life was like before all of this madness started. And as a final stroke of magic, when the last band finished their final song it started to rain. Shows over folks, go home, see you next year. It was good to see you all, even for a day. Stay safe.

Oona Solehmainen, wallride.

Koffin vauhtiajot

This year was the 6th edition of the Koff Speed Race. A downhill etravanganza that takes place in the heart of Helsinki. Due to restrictions on travels and an uncertain weather, the crowd was unfortunately a bit smaller this year. It did not stop anyone from having a fucking blast though. Last year’s champ Madars Apse was present to defend his title but an unexpected contender, Nicklas Pettersson from the small town of Kouvola, stole the win. We had to do a kill switch finale including 6 guys due to the crazy rain. The slippery slope made couple victims but in the end Nicklas, Koffman (Samuel Sundell) and Pat Duffy came out victorious in that order. The halftime best trick was equally entertaining. Kicker to kicker while the rain was at its worse. Bodies, beers and pieces of plywood went flying. Tito Aiha made the wettest kickflip and shut down the whole thing (there was not much left of that landing anyway). Rain or not, Helsinki knows how to have a great fucking time. Plenty of beers, friends and smiles is all you need. Thank you MFT, Happy Hour, Sid, ERG, Free Pizza, Jackie and Kotkot for the support. Special thanks to everyone that showed up. See you next year.

Tito Aiha, kickflip.

We would like to collectively thank everyone who showed up, sponsors and all the supporters in these strange times. Let’s all hope skateboarding will bring us back together next year.


Click through more of photos last weekend’s chaos below: