Rambo Crew’s ‘Passing By’

Rambo‘s Passing By recently caught our attention, especially all of Lars de Weerd’s footage on that gap to rail… Love how the Dutch word for a Pupecki grind is ‘sterf grind’, meaning ‘death grind’, yet here they are once again proving to us that their nation breeds humans that are superior at scooping back 180s into fakie 5-0s.

This extract from the video features Lars de Weerd, Bert Roeterdink, Jelle Maatman, Ewoud Breukink and Stephan Schuuring, and was filmed by various members of the crew + Jan Maarten Sneep.

To find out a little bit more about Lars and the Deventer boys pick up a copy of issue 32 (which should be in all good skate shops across Europe now).

Photo by Mathijs Tromp.