‘Untitled’ by Michael Nicholas

I don’t even know where to begin here… We get emailed a lot of projects out of the blue but I don’t remember the last time one of them had quite the same effect on us as this 22 minute video by Michael Nicholas. Predominantly filmed in LA, it features a group of friends (Seven Strong, Joseph Campos, Kyle Teh, Ryan Rodriguez and Patrick O’Mara), some of which we’d never even heard of, and yeah, basically it’s brilliant. Loved everything from how they used some of their mates’ live music, to Patrick O’Mara’s spontaneous flip manny revert down the hill, to the ridiculously savage slams sprinkled throughout… And the Seven Strong part to Soul II Soul, the beautiful film credits… It just all came together in a way that felt really earnest and showed how close they all are without being too corny. Even the mini-site Michael built to accompany it (which includes a gallery and explains why the video ended up without a name) looks sick!