Memory Screen: Keith Hufnagel

Everything clean, with speed and most importantly with style: that’s how Keith approached his skateboarding… And that same diligence translated into the rest of his life as well. From his HUF stores, the HUF brand and through every collaboration, Keith excelled in everything he put his mind to. His creativity, his attention to detail and his kind, caring demeanour are why so many people wanted to work with him and what ultimately led to his success. But personal success wasn’t enough for Keith, he had to make sure his friends made it too. He brought everyone along for the ride… I’ve yet to meet a more generous, altruistic person in my life. Keith was the REAL one. We love you Keith. You were an inspiration to us all. Keith Hufnagel Forever…   -Will Harmon

We worked together with Sneep earlier this year on this edit as part of a wider project that never really came together. In light of Keith’s passing last week we felt we shouldn’t be keeping this to ourselves any longer.


Edited by Jan Maarten “Sneep”