Number 2

Loving the energy in this one. Don’t know if it’s the spots or the Dime influence or what but there’s something about Montreal crew videos that really makes you feel like you’re out on the session with them… It could also have to do with the winters being so gnarly that they’re just extra gassed to be out filming each other over the summers (and that comes across in the footage). Fuck knows… Either way we really enjoyed this, particularly the shared Ryan Racine/Kyle Mander section to that ridiculous Yo Gotti song and the and the almost comical levels of bravery displayed in that last part. That topless roof drop to gap clip with the slowmo hat catch is pure gold.

Featuring: Ryan Racine, Kyle Mander, Pepper, Adam Leclaire, Jerome Lefebvre, Pat Laflamme Ian Tremblay-Murray.