Altai is a video project shot in August 2020 over a 10-day trip to a distant geographic area located along the Russian-Mongolian border. The Altai Republic is a very unique place… It’s one of the most interesting regions of Russia and has been attracting all sorts of strange people for centuries… Members of different sects, old ritualists, pre-Christian pagans, escapists and all kinds of hermits have for years considered it a place of blessed power and because of it’s magnificent mountains and fast rivers, it attracts tourists and outdoor sportsmen from all over Russia.’

– Alexey Lapin

Featuring Alexey Krasniy, Mark Andronov, Denis Yuzefovich, Dilip Kharel, Alexey Evstifeyev, Viktor Salapov and Max Shirokikh.

Locations: Novosibirsk, Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul.

Filmed and Edited by Max Shirokikh and Alexey Lapin.

Supported by Russian Skateboard Federation.