Memory Screen: Eniz Fazliov

We’ve got a lot of time for people who with every part offer more and more of an intimate window into their scenes; skaters that shine the brightest when they’re at home, skating their spots, on their own terms, with their crew. Several times a year Eniz teleports us to Helsinki and plonks us there, in the land of dark brown granite and cold lonkeros, to show us new corners of the city he hadn’t destroyed yet and endlessly one up himself on spots that are spots only to him. And the best thing about it all is that it’s never just about Eniz… He’s always sharing parts despite clearly having enough for a for a full one, the SLP videos are always introducing you to someone new and there’s always a banging Simo section, of course Niklas and Tobbe who film most of his VX shit end up getting better and better with each release and you find yourself actively anticipating anything they work on, etc. Oh and then he’ll go to Paris and front blunt Le Dome just to make it clear that he’s the best no matter where he is.
So yeah, in honour of Eniz finally starting to get the recognition he deserves (and smashing it with that Finnish forrest / northern lights inspired Nike SB colourway) we’ve worked with Memory Screen Sneep to bring you a compilation of the very best skateboarding he’s graced us with up until now. The tribute is of course by no means the full extent of his work (as you can imagine getting it down to eight minutes was a fucking mission), so you might also want to revisit his old parts to remind yourself of all the other mental shit he’s done over the years.
The one tiny problem with all this is that unlike most of the other people that get the Memory Screen treatment, he’s still very much at the top of his game so when he inevitably drops another 5+ parts by 2025, we’re probably going to have to do this all over again…