TROIS CCD – fuckdown

A new one from the Parisian crew that introduced us to Amelien Foures with everything they filmed over their tourist-free summer. Love how much action the Trocadero spot has been seeing since all this kicked off…
Filmed and edited by Jim Larkz.
Featuring Amelien Foures, Andrea Dupre, Lucas Languasco, Adrien Chabiron, Edouard Depaz, Jerome Sossou, Cesar Budroca, Alix Malnati, Joshua Marques, Santiago Sasson, Hugo Corbin, Erik Mueller, Flo Taverne, Léo Cholet, PJ Chapuis, Sergey Sharabakin, Victor Cascarigny , Lucas Allard, Thomas Courteille, Steven Faure, Kemisse Zouikri and Ali Jbiloul.