New Free Skate Mag t-shirts

Pink Marrakech T-Shirt

Our classic Marrakech tee is back, this time in pink to honour the memory of Elaine Shallcross. All our profits from this one will go directly to the University of Aberdeen Development Trust for breast cancer research, Elaine’s #shuvitcancer charity of choice. Pink cotton, screen printed in the United Kingdom.


Blazin’ Frog T-Shirt

A callback to the lovely bit of smoked out graffiti that graced the cover of issue 32 alongside Charlie Birch. White cotton, screen printed in the United Kingdom.



Solar System T-Shirt

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Free! Designed by Requiem For A Screen‘s Nathaniel Jones. Black cotton, screen printed on both sides in the United Kingdom.

JJ Equilibrium T-Shirt

It was fine time to get Free’s in-house illustrator James Jarvis to make us a tee! White cotton, screen printed in the United Kingdom.


247, 242, ABS Grenoble, Annex (Hunting Lodge), Ben G, Beyond, Bonkers, Brixton’s Baddest, The Chill Store, Drug Store, Focus, FTC Barcelona, Ideal, June Store, Lobby, Lockwood, Lost Art, NativeNote, Manus, Molly, Palomino, Parade, Pivot, Riot, SH Store, Skate Or Die, Street Machine, Slam City Skates, Supreme Paris, Wall Street Biarritz, Wall Street Lyon, Welcome Leeds, Welcome Madrid and Zeropolis.