Léo Cholet’s Free Part

Kind of itching to go into how much Léo reminds us of Matt Beach but it’s very unlikely he’ll know who that is (if you’ve read Léo’s interview in the new issue you’ll know what I mean here) and let’s face it, I can’t imagine Matt Beach or anyone else on this planet mustering up the courage to boost a giant nollie back 180 off that skinny ledge in Marseille. Just standing up there on a skateboard is scary enough… Going fully blind into that bank with that pole at the bottom is madness. Same thing with that nosegrind at Le Louvre… Think of all the people that have skated that spot: nobody else is going for the top-rope. Léo’s got his own floppy haired / three stripped magic going on and all it takes is a nollie frontside flip on flat to realise the kind of power and finesse we’re talking about here.

Filmed and edited by Luc Mazières.

Photography: Clément Le Gall