Dan Fisher-Eustance’s Free Part

Now obviously a lot of passion goes into everything we post on this site but if you’ve ever seen Quentin Guthrie point a camera at someone you know he’s taking this VX wielding thing to a whole new level. And we all know it takes a pretty selfless person to commit their life to filming skateboarding anyway, that one kind of goes without saying, but when you’re doing it for free and every trick also has to essentially be a ‘filming trick’ on a temperamental, discontinued camera, aaaand you’re constantly at risk of taking boards to the head or getting your fish-eye smashed, well that’s whole different kind of dedication… And to such a niche craft! Like I’m sure most people reading this will have felt awkward at one point or another in their lives trying to explain what it is exactly that we do, but imagine trying to explain this to a civilian?!
Anyway this is something that comes across in all of Quentin’s videos, but for some reason feels extra apparent in this Dan Fisher-Eustance part. Maybe it’s that he particularly bonded with this crew, maybe it has something to do with it being entirely filmed during this bizarre year we’re finally seeing the end of, either way we’re really proud of him. It probably also didn’t hurt that Dan and Dougie seem like they can do anything they want on a skateboard 🙂

Guest tricks: Zane Crowther, Ellis Gardiner and Dougie George.