Yardsale: YS 2

Two years after The YS Video Dan Kreitem and the boys are back with a second full length, and despite all the team changes and 2020 being 2020, they’ve managed to come through with something really sick. The main thing that struck me is that the balance between all the classic Mach 10 ‘street tranny’ stuff (Zach’s back tail over the corner bank thing with the stairs was loooovely) and Keanu /Alex’s slightly more technical, light footed approaches actually worked really well. Like it’s got everything you want from a Yardsale video but also tons of shit you wouldn’t expect… Of course Curtis is going to be flying around some crusty London estates (the floor is so fucked at that Colindale one, can’t believe he did that ollie between the two banks) but this time he’s also stomping fakie varial heels in Bulgaria. And there’s stuff like that throughout: Bear’s flowing like water despite taking some ridiculously wild routes (that clip when he back threes off the thin ledge at the end is gold), that Stanley kid from Paris had some of the most unpredictable skating we’ve ever seen (the manual, banging switch tre, boardslide to manual line made no sense haha) and then obviously Jake’s just gone full pirate stuntman mode, throwing himself head on at walls and manualing bus stops… Love it.

Filmed by Dan Kreitem and Grant Dawson,

Featuring Keanu Robson, Jake Church, Curtis Pearl stomped fakie varial heel , Zach Delarue, Adam Delarue, Bear Myles, Alex Hatfield and Stanley Pradel.