Apologies for the lack of updates last week (desperately needed a little break) but we’re back with a lot releases lined up for this first part of the year, starting with this brilliant new video by Fritte Söderström. It’s full of Sour boys but also highlights some of the slightly lesser-known Stockholm heads (including a couple of very hungry Simons), with a huge amount of effort going into everything from the editing, to the choice the music, the filming (love how Fritte went all the way around that blue bar for that Nisse ender), all the way down to how the footage was graded (the night stuff looks extra magical).

Featuring: Martin Sandberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Hampus Jansson, Sebastian Ström, Konrad Annerud, Simon Karlsson, Josef Skott Jatta, Daniel Grönwall, Vilbur Fritzon, Viktor Castro, Mario Eriksson, Axel Lindquist, Simon Hallberg, Vincent Huhta and Axel Berggren.