‘Daisy’ Emage Denver

I don’t know too much about the Denver skate scene, although I skated there for a few days quite a long time ago on a Supernaut Tour. We skated that stepped ledge plaza that Joey Bast skates, got kicked out by the cops, skated the Denver park, drank 3% alcohol beers from 7-11 ( beers from convenient stores are a max of 3% alcohol due to Colorado’s elevation) and met a young and thirsty Windsor James. We left thinking it was a pretty sick town… Anyways, enough about me, as you can see by ‘Daisy’ by the skate shop Emage Denver , the scene in Denver seems like it’s thriving in 2020/2021. Filmed and edited by Colton Abernathy, the edit is also co-signed by Josh Stewart and Theories of Atlantis, so that’s a promising seal of approval.

The edit features Kyler Garrison, Will Garson, Max Garson, Grant Corrigan, Garrett Moore & Valen Sabin.  With other appearances by Dustin Eggeling, Liam Campbell, Ro Nevarez, Emmett Batley ,Zane Jeanne, Alec Chuvarsky, Brendan Burton, Whitney Wells, Shawn Rapp, Josh Murphy, Kiere Johnson & Al Cordiner.