ОРЕНБУРГ НАШ (Lenin Plaza bonus)

Last month you may recall the Lenin Plaza edit featuring Alexey Krasniy and his mates skating various Vladimir Lenin sculptures throughout Russia… Well on those missions they skated some non-Lenin sculpture spots as well. “Оренбург наш” (Orenburg nash in English spelling) means The city of Orenburg ours (also can be translated as we own Orenburg). It’s Kirill Korobvov’s quote at the very end of the video when he got super excited about Alexey’s kickflip into the bank in Orenburg.

Kiril: ‘I literally screamed: “we did it, we own Orenburg” and everyone started making fun of me that it wasn’t us who did it, it was Alexey who did it and the whole phrase just sounded very self-opinionated but ironical at the same time. The quote stuck to us and later the filmer decided to use it as a name of the project.’

Оренбург наш features Alexey Krasniy, Alexey Meleshko, Dima Shatalov, Jenya Nikolaev, Roma Ivanov and Denis Yuzefovich.
Filmed and edited by Mikas (Dima Kononov)